Planning Time

My first digital classroom session is scheduled for tomorrow at noon.  This is an amazing opportunity to gather with all 86 of my 9th grade Global Ecology students, the 3 “Global Block” 9th grade teachers, our field-based instructor and our Global Ecology “Head of House.”  Invitations have been sent to the students and the task ahead is to make a positive transition to the digital classroom.  On the invitation, students were asked to bring their journal and pencil along with their digital device.  Visual journaling will be an important part of this first session.

The act of creating, through journaling or other artistic processes, can help us understand and manage feelings of stress.  “The experience of doing, making, and creating can actually energize individuals, redirect attention and focus, and alleviate emotional stress” (Malchiodi, 2005).


Malchiodi, C. A. (Ed.). (2005). Expressive Therapies. Guilford Publications.